Dodge Viper 2015 SRT V10




Engine: Dodge Viper 2015 SRT V10
Cubic: 512cu 8382cc
Heads: Aluminum Mopar OEM

Original Viper 2015 SRT V10 Setup
Complete with Tremec transmission and clutch
Complete with headers and Viper stock ECU
Complete with Front runner system
The engine only weighs 290 kilo.

For sale, an as new Viper V10 engine with transmission setup from a 2015 Viper.

This set has about 1400 miles on the clock, this set is complete with headers & computer of the Viper and transmission and clutch. It is perfect for your current Viper that needs a replacement, or for a custom build or Hotrod project. This set has 645 Horsepower and 813NM Torque.
This set is perfect for a custom build because the engine is made of aluminum and is a lot lighter than a comparable engine/setup.