Two new websites!

Two new websites!

We at PTTM decided to split our website to two websites. The reason is that we are growing each day and our company has also two sides. The sales side and the restoration & custom-building cars side. To give each side of the coin more and better information we split the sites in to two parts. www.pttmgarage.com & www.pttmcarsforsale.com

2 Replies to “Two new websites!”

  1. peter boekweg



    Jullie website met te koop staande auto’s werkt niet meer. Of is e.e.a. weer veranderd.
    http://www.pttmcarsforsale.com is niet actief in elk geval. Klopt dat?

    1. Nick (Post author)


      Het is http://www.pttmcars.com, er staan ook links in de header! Succes.

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