In need of an fresh V8 engine, a rebuild or tune up? Or any service to your transmission? Let us know

Whether your needs are stroker engines, crate engines, performance engines, muscle car restoration engines, supercharged engines, or just a nice street rod engine, you’ve come to the right place. PTTM has an all-around engine build and rebuild shop was we work on all main brands. We carry all the main parts in stock, and we only work with the best possible quality in mind. On request, we can test run your new build engine in our test center or have it dynode.

We also do engine and transmission services! (oil, filters, plugs, check-ups, etc) But we can also provide transmission rebuilds, tune ups and upgrades. We can also provide you with condition check-ups, steering house & pump rebuilds, and many more! Let us know!

Need any engine repairs or rebuilds or even want more horsepower?

You don’t always need to rebuild or a new replacement engine. It is possible to repair some problems, which is something we always look into. Or if it does need a full rebuilt, we also can do full rebuilt, restoration or partial restoration of your V8 engine.

Want to lighten your load and live a more powerful muscle car life? Then Pedal to the Metal engines can help, with its engine tuning services. We have the expertise to provide you with the necessary upgrades!

Need a new crate engine? We can deliver engines for all makes, also we are an official Koffel's place partner!

We can supply the best fitting crate engine for your car. Crate engines are a good solution when you want a good factory looking engine. Crate engine are a great way to keep your car in the style you want. But with a fresh new engine.

Also, Pedal to the Metal are a proud partner of Koffels place, back in the days when we did Drag races our first engine came from this magnificent shop. Their website might be a bit outdated, but their technique and expertise in engine building is top-notch! They have generations of experiences!

Looking for a new crate engine?

Contact us or take a look at our engine for sale page! If we dont offer any engine in our shop for your liking, we can also make you one, or look for one for you.

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Looking for repairs on your engine & or your transmission?

Contact us & Give us the information we need so that we can start to repair your engine & or transmission! Our team is well-equipped to handle any v8 engine from any brand

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About our engine shop

Sales Manager

Fred Dorland explains our engine shop.

Our main engine specialist: Fred "Are you looking for a quality performance engine shop? Knowledge, education plus years of racing under our belts equal a quality engine service shop that you can trust. From an engine repair to a major overhaul rebuild or even an engine replacement. Our pro-educated team is here for you and your engine’s needs. We will design your engine with the best in parts. Whether you’re looking for answers, or just like the best professional advice for your engine set-up, we will be happy to assist you in any way.

But more important we also give advice on the rest of your cars drive train and if required build of rebuild the correct transmission for your needs. Together with our partners at Koffels place, and other professional partners in the USA, we have loads of experiences to get you the best possible combination for your car or needs. From stock engines up to performance and full race engines! We are there to help you.

We have one of the best quality-price combinations in the business and work with Ford, Chevrolet and Mopar V8 engines & transmissions. Needless to say maybe, but we also service them and can build the engine or complete drive train in your car.

If you need any service done on your engine or transmission or driveline let us know!

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