PTTM has years of experience, and it all began in a small shop in Joure, The Netherlands

Pedal to the Metal started in 2008 in a small barn in Joure. Just two guys who wanted to do something different. And one thing led to another, and before they knew it they had several old Muscle cars for sale and restored. Eventually they needed more and more space and rented from a garage next door to handle the workload.

And not soon after they also had scored their first project, next to the Dragrace car they built. (which you can see in the first picture in the row of pictures below) Soon after they made their first successful project car. They decided they needed more room, and they had their eyes on something close by in Joure. The Fabrykswei 2.

Now on our new location

Pedal to the metal had become a real Garage specialized in Muscle cars

Once we moved to our new location in 2012. We decided that we wanted everything we needed for building, restoring & selling Muscle cars under one roof. So we made a body shop a paint shop, engine shop & restoration department. This way we could do everything ourselves to get to our goals. We sold many great cars at this location but also restored and custom-built many cars at this location.

Our current location

After some years at the Fabrykswei 2 we had to expand again and we moved to our current location!

Our current location in Sneek we finally have the shop we had in our mind years ago. We had a lot of success the past years to make this happen. A lot of great clients that were really happy with their cars and because of this we got to be one of the largest all around Muscle car speed shop in Europe. We have everything under one roof that is needed to give the car you expect from our standards. Custom build cars or just restoring a car our a rebuilt engine or just a new paint job. Count us in! And contact us!